The Uruguayan American Chamber of Commerce offers the following services to its members:

  • Promote communication between individuals, organizations, and associations that share your interests.
  • Organize events including business luncheons, speaker events, seminars, business card exchanges, holiday galas, business cocktail receptions, and many more.
  • Publish a monthly electronic newsletter featuring articles which pertain to the Uruguayan community in South Florida, membership announcements, event information, and other general news.
  • Work in close cooperation with the other Chambers of Commerce present in Florida to host events such as networking happy hours and business seminars.
  • Access contact information for Chamber members and Board of Directors.
  • Manage name listings in the website and Annuary Book
  • Provide free use of Chamber Miami office for non-rutinary meetings (*)
  • ProduceProud member of the Uruguayan American Chamber of Commerce” seals
    (*) Please ask Chamber staff members about restrictions

Chamber’s activities:
The Chamber’s broad array of activities is tightly focused on helping members and their companies to develop and expand their business opportunities.

Networking opportunities: The Chamber’s members meet leaders by participating in Chamber activities as well as getting in touch with Chamber members via the online membership directory. Chamber members will become personally acquainted with potential suppliers and customers as well as bankers, lawyers, accountants, realtors, public relations experts, and other professionals who are part of the Chamber’s important network.

Education and training: Members continually expand their knowledge of trade opportunities and techniques at UACOC conferences, seminars, roundtable discussions, and specialized training courses.

Commercial services: Members can obtain assistance with developing and expanding their activity through business orientation, advertising opportunities, and employment services.

Do you want to invest/introduce your product or start selling your services into United States or Uruguay?

The Uruguayan American Chamber of Commerce has developed a one-day meeting package to provide you or your company’s representatives the opportunity to meet with the Chamber Board of Directors, community business leader related to your trade, commercial lawyer, immigration lawyer, accountant, public relations firm, and a marketing/advertising expert.